October 31, 2014

New Tasman’s Jerky Treats Coming Soon

Tasman’s Natural Pet Brands, has developed all natural U.S Bison and North American rawhide chews and treats for your dog. Tasman’s is committed to bringing you only the highest quality pet treats and rawhide products second to none in quality, and reliability.

Waterloo Pet Provisions will be adding five new items to our already extensive product listing. These will include the Simply Jerky Chicken, Simply Jerky Bison Liver, Prairie Crunch Bison & Berries, Prairie Crunch Bison & Veggies, and the Bison Goodie Bites. Available for order soon, call for more information.

Wapiti Elk Antlers Now Available

Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) is a renewable, all-natural dietary supplement that has been used as a primary health tonic and treatment for humans in Eastern Medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s consumed today by millions of people and domestic animals to promote strength, stamina and energy while supporting the immune system to restore and maintain good health.
The all-natural supplements produced by Wapiti Labs are made to be the highest quality products available. Our innovative, proprietary process ensures that key organic compounds and nutrients from elk velvet antler and herbal ingredients remain intact – making our supplements the purest and most effective you will find. The health and happiness of your closest companion is our number one concern.
For more information please call our main office at (512)339-9939.

Hi-Tek Grain Free Cans Now Available

Hi-Tek Rations has launched a series of grain free canned food to compliment their line of dry kibble. Flavors will include Chicken, Lamb, and Fish. Inquire today about our Buy 10 get 2 cases FREE ISO! For more information please call our main office at (512)339-9939.

Tasman’s Bison Bones Now Available!

Waterloo Pet Provisions is happy to announce that we now carry the new line of Bison bones from Tasman's. Available in knuckles, saddles, femurs and more, your dog will love the flavor, and you can feel secure knowing that you're giving your pets Bison Bones from the USA! Contact us about ordering at (512)339-9939

Hi-Tek Grain Free Cat Now Available!

Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Cat Food was created in response to the requests of thousands of serious loving pet owners who wanted a grain free alternative that could help them solve a variety of nutritional challenges to their cats at a price that makes sense. Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Cat Food not only meets those challenges, this food is irresistible to nearly every cat that tries it. The benefits of outstanding nutrition from an unparalleled ingredient selection make this grain free compelling, as does the price. This outstanding cat food is a highly competitive value that doesn't make quality cost more. We currently have the 15lb bags in stock and will be receiving the 5lb bags very soon!

TropiClean Fresh Breath+Plus Treats In Stock

TropiClean presents Fresh Breath +Plus dental Treats. Each treat is uniquely designed to clean teeth, freshen breath and promote overall pet wellness. We use simple ingredients to create easy dental solutions that your dog will love. Our Fresh Breath family provides overall pet wellness through simple, in-home dental care.

Featured Product

Hi Tek Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Hi Tek Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Foods

Introducing the updated Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Dry Dog Foods . . . Waterloo Pet Provisions is proud to carry the Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free dry dog foods product line.  Manufactured by Hi-Tek Rations, this line of dry adult dog food provides exceptional nutrition, in three popular flavors:  Alaskan Fish Formula, Lamb Meal & Sweet Potato, and Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato. Hi-Tek dog foods have been developed … [Read More...]